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This is all about Free-Spins.net, we are a dedicated online casino comparison website, and we endeavour to give you the most up-to-date information possible. You’ll be able to discover the best casinos with the most generous bonuses and promotions. We’ll take the strain out of searching for the great deals and fringe benefits. We’ll also help you to avoid the bad ones that have dodgy conditions attached. Our team are relentless in their pursuit of new offers and exciting bonus promotions. We’ll scour the entire web to uncover every last detail, and we’ll bring it to you straight away. It’s all part of the Free-spins casinos review process

The information we provide is easy to find and, more importantly, it’s accurate. The name of our website – Free-Spins.net – is a bit of a give away, but that isn’t all that we do. Although our main focus is free spins and bonuses, you’ll also find helpful guidance and tips on how to optimise your casino experience. We have taken every step possible to ensure our casino reviews are unbiased and are subject to vigorous research. You’ll also get the lowdown on all the slots that are hot, backed up by insider information. We’re there for you whether you’re a consummate professional or a complete beginner. We’ll even let you play free slots on Free-Spins.net too.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the most informative and user-friendly website possible in order to serve the online gambling community. We shall invariably strive to ensure that the information on our website is both reliable and honest. Moreover, we’ll respond proactively to industry variations and regulatory change.

Our Core Values Are:


We are totally committed to you and our work, and in doing so, we’ll be able to deliver a source of information second to none. We take our responsibilities seriously, and it is our duty to care. We want you to have a lot of fun, but on occasion, it can become too much. If you are struggling to get a proper perspective on your gambling activity, there is help at hand.


We take pride in everything we do, and we’d hate to be responsible for giving ill-informed advice. Over time we have built a trusted network of consistently reliable information sources, but we don’t leave it there. We have an exhaustive quality assurance process in place, which means our website is as trustworthy as it gets.


Our team is made up of industry experts that have been part of an online casino operation in some way or another. Moreover, the crew at Free-spins.net all share one thing in common; we love the gambling industry, and this translates into an unequalled database of casino know-how.

How Our Review Process Works

How are free spins casinos reviewed? Well, we painstakingly scroll through all of the terms and conditions, rooting out all the important stuff. We put the casinos and their bonuses through the ringer, and we conduct a deep analysis of the results. It’s a lengthy process, but it’s the only way we can be sure that our advice is sound for you to trust. We also read all of the direct news feeds we have in order to get a grasp on what’s new. In short, if there is a problem, we are going to know about it.

Five Casino Review Points You Need To Check

1. The Website Security And Gambling Licenses

Security and licensing should be a priority, both for you and for the casino website you’re looking at. If there are no visible signs of the casino taking that basic principle seriously, leave the site immediately. Essentially, we look at the casino’s whole package of security measures and determine whether they’re adequate or not. We also verify the licenses and authority certification. We’ll know who they are and if they are hiding anything.

2. What Payment Methods Are Available

Besides verifying the casino security, we take a look at the banking policy in general, and the layers of security encryption used by the money transfer companies. Our recommendation guarantees the payment methods are safe to use, and that we have enough faith in what we say to deposit our own money in this way too.

3. New Customer Bonuses

Bonuses can be a bit of a minefield for everyone, but especially if you are a new customer and you’re unfamiliar with what to expect. We sift through hundreds of them all of the time, and point you towards the more lucrative ones. We’ll tell you all about free-spins too. There is nothing better than a terrific bonus to get you started, and maybe bag you a bit of cash too.

4. The Games Catalogue

This is more revealing than you would think. If a casino operator is serious, they will have the best games from the best developers, and they’ll have a lot of them. Big name industry games cost a fortune to run, and only the truly decent casinos have them. This sort of insight can make the difference to winning a lot or nothing at all.

5. Reputation is Everything

This really boils down to whether the casino pays out in good faith – as they should – and on time without quibbling. In some cases, it’s a difficult call to make, but with our support, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about where you place your trust.

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Maurice Talbert is our most trusted free-spins expert, and we treasure him like a precious stone.

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Jackelyn Smith is our bonus hunter. She’s our very own Lara Croft and nothing gets past her.

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Norman Watkins is almost a living slot machine. What he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing.

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Paul Cooper is our friendly computer genius, and he likes nothing more than discussing apps.

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