Win Big with Free Spins Offers on Betsoft’s Best Slots

Betsoft has been in the casino gaming market for a while and has created a reputation for offering quality 3D slots with several themes, which makes playing with their video slots interesting. A good number of these slots include Betsoft jackpot slots, which can be played in demo mode while others have free spins that increase your chances of making some good cash. Here is a review of the Betsoft slot games that have free spins along with some advice on ways to get and play the free spins.

Top BetSoft slots

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Are there any Betsoft Slots That Have Free Spins?

Yes, there are 3D slots from Betsoft that have free spins. The casino may give free spins in their deposit bonus promotion or part of the game where you get free spins if you land certain bonus symbols in the slot game. If you play them right, the free slots may help increase your winnings fast.

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Are there any available Betsoft Free Spins without Making a Deposit?

The selection of slot games that offer free-spins without making a deposit depends on the casinos. Therefore, there is a vast array of games which you are able to play with free spins. Familiar titles that most casinos pick include Vegas Joker, A Night in Paris, Black Gold and Viking’s Age. Some casinos will give you a choice of any Betsoft game to play with free spins.

The Top 3 Betsoft Slot Machines That Have Free Spins?

A Night in Paris

The Betsoft A Night in Paris takes you to Paris at night where you get to enjoy the love and the chilly streets. However, there is a story twist where a thief tries to steal valuable artefacts from a museum. Fortunately, the museum is protected by a guard with a dog. The story continues with the guard chasing the thief and returning the items. You get free spins when you get at least three scatter symbols, which are the guard’s badges. You also grab free spins when you get the painting symbol which is a bonus symbol. There is also a progressive jackpot won on hitting five high paying symbols.

Aztec Treasures

Aztec Treasures takes you through the mystery of the life of Aztec citizens. Aztec was an ancient civilization. The game showcases a tribal chief who’s on a quest to conquer the other tribes in order to satisfy his lust for power. In the game, you get free spins by landing three gecko symbols. There is also a free spin mode where all the free spins earned in the mode increase your payouts dramatically.

Vikings Age

This slot takes you through the world during the era of the Vikings. It is a story of the Vikings heroes, life and culture. You will find lots of Viking related symbols that include their mighty ships, helmets axes, flags and captains. Also, you get free spins if you land at least three symbols of the red-haired girl called Amma. The game also has multiplier free spins where your cash can be multiplied up to five times alongside other bonuses.

Are the Rules to Obtaining Free Spins on all Betsoft Slots the Same?

No. The rules for obtaining free spins differ from one slot to another title. Some casinos offer you free spins on registration while others will need a deposit. The procedure for landing free spins in the game also differs with the type of slot you are playing.

Tips and Tricks for Getting Free Spins on Betsoft Slots

There are several ways you can enjoy free spins when playing Betsoft slots. The most common way is to look for free spins at Betsoft casinos when you join. Here, you can enjoy up to a whopping 200 free spins on your favourite Betsoft games. You can also look for free spin bonuses offered by casinos on their promotions page. When selecting your games, pick the Betsoft games that come with lots of free spins and multipliers.

When are You Most Likely to Get Free Spins from Betsoft?

You are most likely to get free spins from Betsoft as part of the welcome bonus or promotions. However, you can also enjoy several free spins at the in-game bonus system.

Betsoft jackpot slots

Betsoft isn't the biggest software provider but they certainly know what they are doing when it comes to jackpots. They tend to offer progressive jackpots, that are local to whichever casino the player is using. This means that the jackpot total won't rise as quickly as it would if it were being played across a number of casinos but once it's up there it certainly makes it easier to win that large amount of money. A couple of their most popular games are Greedy Goblin, which offers that chance to win two different types of jackpot and The Glam Life which features a jackpot that can get as high as £1 million. You won't have to search hard to find a casino that carries Betsoft games, where you can try your hand at winning some decent money.