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Slots: Bonus Slots, Jackpot Slots & Casino Slot Games Overview

888 casino hosts one of the largest jackpots on the internet. These jackpots can be found in both the classic and video slot machines. The slots in the 888 casino games also include bonus features such as free spins. The slots on this casino are packed with rare bonus games. Each slot has a unique icon combination that can activate the bonus game. The classic and video slots in this casino are exciting and generous; you can land a fortune by betting very little. 888 casino provides a player with the complete casino experience because of the combination of soft-wares that have been used to make its slots. It is because of this, a player gets a unique experience when using the slot machines in the casino. As a user, you might have some questions about these slot machines.

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What Are the Most Popular Slot Machines at 888 casino?

Some of the popular slot machines enjoyed by many are such as:

Ca$h Pig

Is a video slot with 20 pay lines. The wild symbol pays the highest in this game. The bonus symbol can also play in any position. Three or more bonus symbols in this game (when obtained) will trigger a prize of 15 spins. More free spins can also be won during a free spins session.

Adventures in Orbit

It’s a video slot with the wild symbol having the ability to substitute all symbols except for the scatter and bonus symbol. The wild symbol cannot pay anything by itself and shows up on reel 2 and 4. This game operates in a cumulative manner when it comes to bonus games. This means that all the value of your wins are added together and put into your bankroll.

Bella Italia

Is another popular slot machine for the users. It awards prizes if you obtain two or more scatter symbols plus 15 free spins can be obtained if you get three or more scatter symbols. In this slot machine, all winnings from the free spins are tripled.

Which Casino Software Is Used for the Slot Machines?

As said earlier, 888 casino uses a combination of their own software and other company software to run their slot machines. Some of the software that they use to power the slot machines are such as: This is to name but a few of the software. The mixing of soft-wares is what has made 888 casino what it is today and is among the many reasons why their online games are very interesting.

What Are the Limits per Spin?

The limits depend on the type of game you are playing. 888 casino places a minimum of $1 per game and a maximum of $2000. You do have to note that the limit also depends on the game, some slots such as premium blackjack would have the minimum at $5 while French roulettes have a maximum of $300. There are also some high limit slots for the wealthy where the minimum is $45 and it keeps going up with every spin.

Can Players Use the Slots without Downloading the Casino Software?

Yes, that’s possible. A person can download the software if they feel like they need it, but it’s not compulsory. All slot machines can be used online without the need for the software.

Can Customers Play on the Slots without Real Money?

Yes, the players can play for free online. This can be done by using no deposit deals. The casino is currently offering a free spins offer for both new and existing members. The players will get spins for free and a chance to win a fortune when using these spins. Often this will not require of them to use an 888 Casino promotion code. The best part is there are no risks involved because your money is not used.

Can the Slots Be Manipulated?

No, the slots can’t be manipulated either as a player or as an operator. As a player, it is impossible because of the security checks put up by the casino to ensure that no one cheats in the game and that the game is fair. For the operator, the security checks also apply and the game can’t be manipulated enough to get the numbers that they actually want because of the way the slot machines work.

Are There Any Tips or Tricks for Obtaining any Free Spins?

There are some legal and safe tips that you can use to get free spins and they are as follows:
  • Keep your eyes on the tabs
Due to the heavy competition, most online casinos tend to have a promotion or bonus section on the website. This is where you can find current and upcoming offers on different things such as freerolls and even cash back on losses. In that case, an 888 Casino free spins code to get a bonus might not be required. Make sure you take advantage of these offers.
  • Sign up for spam
When this is looked at really quickly it sounds like a bad idea, but it isn’t. These companies no longer pester people on a daily basis as they did in the past. Signing up on their website will give you access to promotional emails that have enticing deals to make sure that you stick with them. This can only be good for you and it might even have the free spins you were looking for.
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