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As of 27th September 2019, ComeOn will stop accepting deposits from existing players residing in the UK and their accounts will be closed.

There is a wide range of offers at ComeOn online casino. These range from welcome bonuses for new members, deposit matching bonuses but one of the most popular offers to take advantage of is, of course, the casino spins promotions they offer. Casino spins refer to the online slots and slot machines which they have available on the website and one casino spin will give the user the chance to spin the virtual online machine where it could land in a certain arrangement that will land the jackpot prize. It is perhaps one of the easiest games to play and there are a huge number of people who play the slots each and every day. Slot machines are the main attractions of this online casino as they allow the user to choose what game to play, a chance to earn sizeable cash and they are run by reliable, reputable software.

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As of 27th September 2019, ComeOn will stop accepting deposits from existing players residing in the UK and their accounts will be closed.

What are the Most Popular Slot Machines at ComeOn Casino?

There are a lot of different types of cash machines on the website and although many of them have similar payouts and work in an almost identical sort of way, people still have their favourites. This could be for a number of reasons, the graphics or the fact that they won the last time they went on that particular type of slot. The website lets users see the most popular slots amongst members by displaying their “love count”, which is the number of people who have pressed the love button whilst playing on that particular machine.


The most popular slot machine game on ComeOn Casino is Starburst. Many users like the slot game because of the opportunities they get of earning huge cash. Majority of gamblers say that that the game avails different ways of playing and winning. Cool Music accompanies the gameplay and the overall ambience of playing the slot machine is great.

Gonzo’s Quest

After Starburst, the second most popular slot machine game is Gonzo’s Quest. This slot machine is almost identical to Starburst, only that it is a little elaborate. The most distinguishing feature of the slot machine is its 3D-Effect. This is what makes it popular among the gamblers. Customers usually like a slot machine that gives them an extra personal feel and this slot game does that.

Mega Fortunes

Lastly, Mega Fortunes sits at number three in popularity. The slot machine is usually characterised by a slow beginning. What this means is that each spin provides the player with a build-up opportunity to win large sums of money. The gambler is able to earn consecutive wins which culminate in a massive win. The three platforms allow the customers to enjoy ComeOn Casino Spins in a flexible way.

Which Casino Software ComeOn Casino Use For Their Slot Machines?

The software at an online casino can be the difference between success and failure. If the software was slow, people simply wouldn’t want to use it, when gambling. Especially, something like slots where people want it to be as real as possible. Which is why the software must be lightning quick to allow for that authentic feel.

ComeOn Casino slots use NetEnt software. This is a proven software and had lots of money spent on giving the customer an authentic feel and it seems to have really hit the mark. The graphics are great, they look realistic enough, without having to wait a while for it to load. Another good thing about the software is that it always saves your progress in a continuous fashion. Which means you are always aware of what your money is being spent on and what the slot machine is doing at all times. The smoothness does not leave you waiting awkwardly to know the outcome of your latest bet.

When it comes to software programs, the customers give the slot machines a higher rating just like the Bonuses at ComeOn Casino.

What are the Limits per Spin on ComeOn Casino Slot machines?

The purpose of the Casino spins is to avail the player with the opportunity to land on a jackpot prize. Users can gamble with a minimum figure of 10p and a maximum of £100 in a single spin. The ultimate jackpot figure stretches to about £50,000. Individuals who play with 10p and those who play with £100 have equal opportunities of landing the £50,000 jackpot prize through spins. This limit on ComeOn Casino Spins reflects in every playing. With the restriction, the gambler gets to know how much to spend to earn a spin and how much to expect from the spin.

Can Players Use the Slot Machine Without Downloading the Casino Software at ComeOn Casino?

The beauty of playing the slot machines is the ability to do it without having to download the casino software. What this means is that the player can have access to the platform and get to play the slot machines from anywhere, provided there is a reliable internet connection. Secure internet connection is very crucial in accessing the games and playing them. Normally, a secure internet connection ensures that the results of the game are fast and the financial details of the player are secure.

Can Customers Play On the Slots Without Real Money? Playing for free?

If you want all the fun, without the pain and hassle of losing money, customers can play the slots with fake money and play just for fun.

Is It possible to Manipulate the slots?

When it comes to slot manipulation, the ComeOn Slot Machines cannot be easily manipulated by the game website. This is because the control of the games is via a 3rd party, NetEnt. NetEnt employs Random Number generators and this provides the players with the assurance of playing a fair and credible game. NetEnt cannot be cheated by the user either, this gives everyone the peace of mind that if they win/lose they did so fair and square.

Are There Any Tips and Tricks for Obtaining Casino Spins at ComeOn Casino?

There aren’t really any special or secret formulas for getting the vast amount of ComeOn Casino spins.

Casino spins are the easiest and cheapest game option to play provided that the player knows how to gamble. Here are a couple of tips that the players use to obtain casino spins.

  • Most customers are always on the lookout for new offers. Normally, promotions are availed on a regular basis which provides the users with casino spins. The smart customers are able to take advantage of these new offers.
  • The Welcome Offers also provides users with casino spins. Basically, new members are entitled to different Bonuses at ComeOn Casino. These codes are the greatest deals for the players to win casino spins.

Other than the two tips, there are no other tricks for customers to win casino spins from the Casino. Overall, customers rely on luck and experience to make spins and get to win good money.

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