Play Deuces Wild Slot for Free + Discover Free Spins Offers for Deuces Wild

Developed by Microgaming and other major software providers, Deuces Wild online slot machine offers a wonderful gaming experience for gamers who are passionate about online gambling. It gives away special bonuses, free spins, and allows the players to try out a Deuces Wild free play online before attempting the real online slot machine. This is the reason why it is highly recommended to start-ups. The popular game is also a wonderful place for people who are passionate about slot games and poker; it combines the two uniquely and entertainingly. It is like playing a favourite card game on a slot machine. There are some brilliant and easy tips and tricks for sure wins, which we shall reveal later in this Deuces Wild review.

Deuces Wild Slot Characteristics

Deuce is poker slang for the playing card number 2. Therefore, all the number 2 cards are precious in the game. They are normally termed as wild, meaning that they can take the place of any other symbol in the game. Therefore, the game normally makes the best hand to fit any other symbol required. Playing Deuces Wild casino games is not hard. The game may be complex at first, but it has great cash rewards and is very pleasant to use once a person gets accustomed to it. Playing NetEnt slots require a lot of concentration. Therefore, Deuces Wild allows a player to reduce the volume of the sound effects, the speed of the spins, and even play in full-screen mode.

Deuces Wild Slot Free Spins

Different casinos offer different bonuses for their players. Some offer enticing welcome bonuses, while others give free regular spins during the game. The Deuces Wild free spins, either during the welcome bonus or during the play, vary depending on the game. These platforms offer welcome bonuses, which players to partake in a free game without any risks. However, just like other bets, one must place a wager before being allowed to play. There are more than 5 winning lines in each game, and the systems allow fast and prompt payments.

Jackpots Available for Deuces Wild

Jackpots are the most exciting elements of any Slot game. Deuces Wild is not left behind. Land slots offer quality royal flush jackpots at a fixed price of 4,000 coins. This is not much compared to Twin Spin and its x270 000 coin jackpot. The software has paid over $120,800 to players up to date. To win this Deuces Wild jackpot, one needs to align all diamonds in a natural royal flush. Online casinos, on the other hand, offer more quality deals than land games. The game allows players to choose the levels that they are most suitable for. These include fast, medium, and slow paces. The game offers a special bonus of up to £100 to enable all players to enjoy the game without fear of losing.

Special features and Deuces Wild slot Video review

How to Play Deuces Wild on My Mobile

Recently, the game developers developed mobile software to allow easier access to the game. The application is basically a computerised console, which resembles the slot machine. On the device, the game is built with 5-card winning lines. After placing money into the machine, one can begin to play. He/she needs to place one or more credits before spinning. To add multiple credits, one can click on the Deal button. To bet with all the credits simply click on the Max Bet button. The player can then choose the cards to discard cards in exchange for new ones from the virtual desk. He/she wins if the hands played match a combination which he/she discarded. The pay-out for hands is determined by the pay tables, which set them based on their availability, the game variations, and the operator’s decision. Normally, the pay-out starts small paying even money.

Tips and Tricks to Win at Deuces Wild

In order to win continuously on the Deuces Wild, one needs to pay attention to the cards’ detail. There are some basic rules to follow. For starters, one should never discard a deuce and never hold any non-deuce cards. The best-case scenario is having four deuces and only one option remaining. Keeping the best cards normally gives the best chances of winning in the Deuce wild. Here are some key elements that one should look for in a card:
  • Wild royal flush, if one has two or three deuces.
  • Five of a kind, also if one has 2 to 3 deuces. These are cards, which are not deuces but form a pair.
  • A straight Flush, 4 of a kind, 4 cards to a wild royal flush, and 4 cards to a straight flush draw, when one has 2 deuces only.
  • When having one card only, one should keep an eye on a wild royal flush, a full house, a flush, A34, A35, or A45 suited, or even keep a deuce and draw 4 more cards.
In general, one should mainly focus on the deuces and pairs; mainly a 4-card or 5-card air. However, one should never hold a 2-card pair.

Main Symbols in Deuces Wild

While playing the Jack Hammer slot game machine, for example, one is always trying to find the right combination that may help them win. Deuces Wild works in the same way. One is supposed to find the best match for cards instead of symbols; this makes it both enlightening and enjoyable. Some of the common winning combinations include A, K, Q, J, 10; all four deuces; four cards of the same rank and a deuce; and many others. The probabilities of winning in the game are as much as any other slot game. Some are attributed to 1/10, 1/20, and at times 1/50. The reality of the situation is that no one can be able to predict the probability. However, playing smart always yields benefits.

FAQs About Deuces Wild

Which Software is Behind the game?

There are different versions of the Deuces Wild game produced by multiple software providers. Some of the most common providers include Microgaming, Realtime gaming (RTG,) Vegas technology, Net Entertainment, and Playtech. The biggest contributor according to many players is the Microgaming software developer. Their game version is the most common. Unfortunately, they are not available in many countries. Other software developers like 21GNet and Cryptonic have also produced own versions. Each company produces different qualities, but feature cards.

What is the Winning Percentage?

The most exciting thing about Deuces Wild is that it offers the players with an opportunity to earn the maximum winnings on the platform. Players can enjoy an edge of up to 0.76% on the casino. However, to ensure maximum profit, one needs to be very strategic. Most casino owners expect a player to use intuitions, hunches and common sense. This way, they garner at least 2-4% to the casino’s edge. One needs to ensure that they do not make sudden moves that may make them lose in the process.

How many Winning Lines are there?

Different Deuces Wild game versions have different winning lines. Most, however, contain 4-5 winning lines. Some, on the other hand, such as the 10-line Deuces Wild game, have up to 10 decks each consisting 52 cards. The rules in the games are similar, and one needs to keep as many deuces as possible.

What is the Maximum Potential Win?

The maximum payout on the platform differs according to the hand played. For a Natural royal flush, for instance, the pay-out is £800, four deuces are £200, the wild royal flush is £25, five of a kind is £15, the straight flush is £9, and so on. Once a player gets acquainted the pay-tables, it becomes very easy to use and apply them. It can also affect the games that they target to win. However, every table has its unique pay-table. Therefore, it is wise to learn each for the game version intended to play.