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Joker Wild slot is the perfect choice for online gamblers. Joker Wild is a 5 reel slots machine that will grant you the endless hours of joy. This is a Joker Wild review that will talk about everything you need to know about these slot machines. Joker Wild is a 25 payline game and as expected; the slot game has common free play credits features, wild symbols and the scatters. The game is developed by Booming and they did a great job, giving the game a very distinctive feeling. You can try out the Joker Wild free play online or play real money on this slot machine.
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Where to play Joker Wild - available casinos

Written by Norman Watkins

Best Casinos to Play Joker Wild

Joker Wild is a video poker variant and finding the right Joker Wild casino to play this game can be a little difficult. However, it is a worthwhile game to keep digging your teeth in. This game draws the attention of a large audience and you should definitely try it out. The hardest part especially if you are a novice is that the profusion of Joker wild casinos can create quite the conundrum. It is advisable that you stick to the list of the best casinos so that you can save time. These are some of the best casinos where you can play Joker Wild video poker: • Casumo casino • LeoVegas casino • Karamba casino Those are just the best casinos that offer Joker Wild but with time you can explore some other casinos and try out the Joker Wild there. Joker Wild is an amazing online video poker game that should be enjoyed in whichever casino you play at.
Classic Slot
Card info
1, Fixed Lines
Lines Pay:
From left to right
Bet per spin :
0.2units - 100units
Return to Player :

Joker Wild Slot Characteristics

Joker Wild is a video poker game that is played with 1 hand. Joker Wild uses the original video poker hands. The only difference between Joker Wild and the original poker hands is that the in Joker Wild the joker is also used. The joker can also be used as a wild card. Again, the joker can complete a combination giving a player more chances at creating a winning hand. These features create a chance to have 5 combinations. Joker Wild features 6 modes for 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 hands per each bet. There is also a gamble feature that lets a player risk their winnings every round as they take a chance to increase them. By correctly guessing the colour of a card, you get awarded x2 multiplier. This video poker is an interesting variant to play and it has the most amazing features making it more interesting.
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Joker Wild Slot Free Spins

Joker Wild is amazing video slot game that has so many interesting features. There is no mentioning of Joker Wild free spins. However, thanks to the wild Joker has the ability of turning big wins into bigger wins. This is one of the reasons Joker Wild Poker has become one of the most played video poker variants.
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Jackpots Available for Joker Wild

The Joker Wild jackpot is a type of progressive prize that is offered on different casinos on the Joker Wild. Every player stands a chance to win this game’s jackpot as long as they play strategically. On this poker game, the different available rewards and the jackpot depend on the size of your bet. If you are serious about winning real money, then Joker Poker is the only game in town that suits you. When you play you just make hand after hand and stack note after note. The game offers a simple one-touch betting and large jackpots that could go up to £50,000. Remember that just like other games, the more you place your bets, the higher the chances of winning Joker Wild Poker.
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How to Play Joker Wild on My Mobile

The software provider of the Joker Wild has made it possible for players to play on their mobile devices. There is a Joker Wild mobile version and you can play on mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android and tablet. Playing the game on your mobile is quite simple. All the sounds, graphics and features have been optimised in a way they are at their best on the screen of any mobile device. Joker Wild could never have been anymore simple when it comes to its basic game rules. The game is started by setting a coin value that you want to play with which can be done using the arrows that are below the “Coin Value” button. You can then adjust the bet level by clicking on the “Bet Level” Button. After clicking it, the different numbers ranging from 1 to 5 reveal the bet level you have selected. There is also an option that you can choose and immediately play the highest level. You just have to click the “Max Bet” button. However, you have to set the coin value and your bet level. If you want to deal the cards, just click on the “Deal” button. The “Gamble” function can be used to raise your winnings if you are lucky enough.

Tips and Tricks to win at Joker Wild

The joy of every gambler is to play a game that they will win. This Joker Wild review will show you how it is a pretty simple game to win as long as you use the right tactics. Joker Wild strategy is very simple to understand and master. First, understand that the poker hands fall into two categories that are the hands that have a joker and those that do not have a joker. You can use the following strategy whether you are using a hand with or without a joker: • Always keep any four-card Flush and four-card Straight Flush if it includes A, K, or both. • Keep any three cards to a Straight Flush. • Always keep four cards to a Royal Flush. • Keep paying pairs of High cards (Kings and Aces) • Hold Three of a Kind or higher • Hold any four-card Flush without an Ace or a King. • Keep three cards to Royal Flush • Hold consecutive four-card Straights In case you are not dealt any of the mentioned combinations, just discard all the cards apart from the joker. One thing that you should always have on mind is that the joker is part of the combination that you are searching for. For example, if you have 2 8s with a Joker it is Three of a Kind.

Main Symbols in Joker Wild

Joker Wild has several symbols. The poker hands that are used in Joker Wild video poker are the Natural Royal Flush-it is a royal flush that does not have a Joker, 5 of a Kind-these are 5 cards that are of the same value and are completed with a Joker, Four of a Kind-4 cards that are of the same value of 9, 9, 9, 9, Straight Flush-includes 5 consecutive cards that are from the same suit, Full House-3 cards that are of the same value and 2 cards of the same value of 5, 5, 5 and for example K, K, K, Kings or Higher-includes a pair of Kings or Aces and they are completed with a Joker, Three of a Kind-3 cards that are of the same value, Flush-5 cards that are from the same suit for instance 5 clubs, and Straight-5 consecutive cards from different suits.

FAQs about Joker Wild

Joker Wild is a video poker game by NetEnt which is one of the best software providers in the gaming industry. This provider has done a great job since everything about this game is top-notch starting from the graphics, to the sound and playability of the game. Loading up the game you can clearly see a dark background and a page that is well-designed. All the features are well-arranged on the site such as the cards, the joker and other symbols. You can try out a Joker Wild demo or Joker Wild free play online.
Joker Wild game is one of the best video poker slots that you could play. The game is suitable for any type of player. The best thing is that chances of winning on the Joker Wild game are high. The game has an RTP of 97.75%. This is quite a great Return to Player rate. Players can win in different ways as they play on Joker Wild.
Joker Wild is a video poker game that has some of the most exciting features any online poker game could have. Joker Wild is a winning combination game. You have to combine some features for you to win. This is the perfect choice for any online gambler. However, the slot game might be more suitable for skilled players because winning needs many tactics.
This amazing video poker game gives you endless hours of joy with their rewards and cash prizes. The minimum bet a player can place on Joker Wild is £0.10 while the maximum bet is £50. You can find the Joker Wild pay table on the screen twice. At the centre, you can see all the poker hands and the payouts at each level. On the left side, there is a table that has a full overview of the payouts for whichever level a player chooses on Joker Wild.