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Planet 7 Casino offering of free spins is among the best in the Casino industry. It is the latest and arguably the most excellent offer that Planet 7 Casino has offered in the recent past. This is reason enough for any player to invest in Planet 7 Casino. A player should first deposit to win the free spins but is worth every cent of the money that one deposits. To enjoy the free spins offer, a player needs to sign up or log in to the Planet 7 casino website. The minimum required deposit should be made and the free spins for the selected game pop up automatically.

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Can A Player Obtain Free Spins Without Depositing at Planet 7 Casino?

Yes, according to the Planet 7 Casino website, there are no-deposit bonus codes that players can use and get awarded with money that they can use to spin games with and stand a chance to win. The No Deposit Casino Bonus only exists when there are valid codes given by the Planet 7 casino. When there are no valid codes provided by the casino, free spins without depositing are not available.

Are There Free Spins That Can Be Played After Making A Deposit?

Yes, there are free spins that require a minimum deposit of $30. On depositing this minimum amount, a player gets 14 free spins every single day on a selected game for 14 days! This is by far the best offer that Planet 7 Casino has offered its clients. These spins sum up to 196, and a player has all those chances to win a jackpot! A player needs to have deposited $30 or more in the last 14 days to stand a chance to win these fantastic spins.

The free spins offer still stands even if you use the Planet 7 Casino Deposit bonus. For example, a player can make use of the exclusive - welcome bonus and get awarded the 14 free spins every day for 14 days. Planet 7 casino free spins bonus is not available for players from the UK though they are welcome to play at the casino.

At Planet 7 Casino Can A Player Use The Slots Without Using Money?

Planet 7 Casino slots allow players to choose whether they want to play with real money or in practice mode. In the practice mode, a player can play slots without using the money. This is especially great for new players who do not want to risk losing all their money without enough skills for playing slots. There is helpful live support that is always ready to help new players who choose to practice slots and get stuck. A player is free to try all slots on practice mode.

After perfecting on the skill and knowledge of slots, a player is now free to deposit real money into their account and try winning actual games. Planet 7 Casino does not put pressure on players in practice mode to deposit real money a player can deposit when they are comfortable with their skills.

Is There A Requirement To Install Planet 7 Casino Software To Use The Free Spins?

There is no requirement to install Planet 7 Casino software to use the free spins. Once a player gets on the website they can access all games. However, a player should enable Adobe Flash Player which is software that gives a higher performing and active games. One needs first to install this software to be able to access all the games at Planet 7 Casino. However, if a player wants to play using the Planet 7 Casino app, they should go to play store for androids and app store for iPhone and download the app.

Are Players Required To Use Bonus Codes To Play The Free Spins?

Players do not fundamentally need to use bonus codes to play free spins at planet casino. Using bonus codes is just one of the options. In the current 14 spins every day for 14 days, a player need only deposit a minimum of $30 to be awarded the free spins.

Can Players Use Free Spins On All Slots ?

The Planet 7 casino website does not give information on whether free spins can be used on all slots. If a player gets free spins and he or she decides to play a slot that does not allow free spins, they get an alert before the game begins.

An Overview of The Free Spins Offer – Conclusion

The Free spins offer at Planet 7 Casino is one of the best promotions in the Casino industry. Players have a chance to spin more and win as many games as they can. It is one of the best selling points of Planet 7 Casino. With just a minimum deposit of $30, a player gets a whopping 196 free spins! Just imagine how many chances of winning 196 spins have. The spins are given for a selected game and just in case the previous day’s spins did not amount to a win you can try the following day again on the same game.

The only thing Planet 7 casino should work on is spreading the spins across different games every day so that players get a chance to try their luck in other games. They should also allow clients from the UK to win bonuses and also expand the payment methods and the currencies used. Otherwise, the free spins bonus is a Planet 7 Casino masterpiece!

The Positives Of The Free Spins Offer
  • It is guaranteed upon depositing a minimum of $30 as long as a player’s country is not restricted.
  • A player is given 14 free spins every day for 14 days. This is 196 chances to win at Planet 7 casino.
  • Every game gets a chance to feature in the free spins offer every two weeks.
The Negatives Of The Free Spins Offer
  • UK players restricted from the free spins offer.
  • Only a selected game is given the free spins in those two weeks.

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