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Rivo Casino might not offer free spins, but what they have in its place is the reason why many players are looking to join the site - fantastic deposit and no deposit bonus offers. In addition, the online casino gets their slots from Novomatic meaning that one can expect some of the best slots to be available with this casino. The casino has a number of games for its players to enjoy when this is added to the offers that they have in place it makes it hard for a person not want to join the site. Rivo Casino is all about fun.

Rivo Casino
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Can a Player Obtain Free Spins without Depositing?

No, as of now there are no offers that players can take advantages of. The free spins offer is not available at Rivo Casino. The casino has a lot of other offers for its players to enjoy, but sadly free spins is not one of them. May be in the future, the site might implement this offer, but for now players can get to enjoy a 777€ bonus for signing up to the site. This bonus comes in the form of chips that the players can use to enjoy the different slots available in the casino. Rivo Casino sadly has no free spins offer for any player to take advantage of which might be a bit disappointing for some players considering how widespread and famous this offer is. It is mostly used by the other online casinos to entice their players to join their sites. Instead, this online casino has employed a different technique. They choose to have large bonuses for their players especially the ones who sign up to the site for the first time. All you need to do is just head over to the site, sign up by providing all the relevant information as required and that is it, you have now received a bonus that is credited to your account for use on the different slots. For those looking to enjoy sites without having to deposit any money on them or those who like to test a site first before actually investing in it, then Rivo Casino is something you should consider trying. This is because as far as we know the no deposit bonus that they provide you is non restricting and can be used for almost all the slots available in the casino. Read More...

Are There Free Spins that Can be Played after Making a Deposit?

Sadly again, the answer has to be No as the site does not do free spins offers. It may come as a surprise to many considering how popular this type of offer is. Many would expect that if the site does not offer free spins with the no deposit bonus then they would offer it once you make a deposit. Let this not deter you though as they have something that some would consider better than free spins. Things work very differently with Rivo Casino as one gets to take advantage of the bonus offers that are in form of money once one signs up or if you make a deposit. Referring a friend would also give you a chance to win some cash. For those who deposit for the first time in the casino, the casino provides a 100% deposit bonus up to 31080€ and will be credited to your account for use. If you are ever looking to take advantage of this offer, all you need to do is sign up and provide all the relevant information as required. Once you are done, deposit some money into your account and wait for a while you will notice that the money has been doubled. All that is left for you now is to enjoy the slots on offer for you. Rivo Casino has a number of famous slots for you to enjoy especially from Novomatic, so you are guaranteed a good time with this casino.

Can a Player Use the Slots without Using Money?

The good news is with Rivo Casino you can use the slots without having to actually deposit money. What they lack in offers such as free spins they replace with opportunities like this. The casino gives it users a no deposit bonus from 777€ when they first sign up on the site as a welcome bonus. This amount is credited into your account and can be used by you in the various slots that the casino offers. The deposits are provided to you as a way to test the casino before actually investing your real money into it. This is what has made the casino especially famous among many as it tends to be very generous when it comes to the bonus offers that it provides. Furthermore, you need not worry about the games on offer as the site uses Novoline as its provider, so you can rest assured that some of the famous slots can be found in this casino and they are all there for your enjoyment.

up to 777€
40x Bonus

Is It Required to Install the Software of Rivo Casino to Use the Free Spins?

The casino as of now has no specialised software, so everyone that uses the casino does not need to download additional software in order to get a good experience. All you need to do is just login to the site if you are already a member and if you are new just sign up and enjoy the games available on the site. No software or anything of the sorts is needed. In addition to that, the casino has a bonus offer for all its players to enjoy. Rivo Casino are still generous to all its players as it has bonus offers for both non deposit and deposit first timers. Head over to the site and see how you can enjoy all these amazing offers. The lack of software might deter some, but believe us when we say that your experience with the site will not be ruined because of this. If you are ever looking to enjoy these offers all you need to do is sign up to the site provide the relevant information and either enjoy their non deposit bonus or deposit to enjoy even more as your deposit gets doubled by the site.

Are Players Required to Use Bonus Codes in Order to Play the Free Spins?

As a player you need to know that you do not need any bonus code in order to enjoy the free spins that the casino has to offer. This is because there are no free spins available for you to take advantage of. What is available for you is bonus offers that give you money that you can use to play the different slots available in the casino. The bonuses are such as the welcome bonus that gives you 777€ on deposit and matches your deposit by 100% if you choose to sign up to the site. This is the site’s form of generosity to its players. Even with the bonuses that they offer on deposit and non deposits as of now no bonus codes are required. All of them can be enjoyed by the players without the need of any special code. This is what makes the casino loved by many as they are very generous and not as restricting when it comes to their offers. If you are looking for a casino where you can enjoy some of the best and famous slots in the market then consider trying Rivo Casino.

40x Bonus
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