Book Of Ra Slot Machine Tips – Best Cheats And Tricks

Being one of the oldest online slots out there, it's little wonder there's so many Book of Ra Slot cheats and tricks to be found. Although you're still limited to the usual drawbacks of any online slot, there're still some pretty novel methods to try and twist the odds in your favour, or at least give yourself a better shot at winning by knowing the best strategies for success when spinning the reels. Ultimately, you're playing a game of chance, but getting clued up on the ins and outs will dramatically increase your chances of winning.


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Strategies for success with Book of Ra

First thing’s first, Book of Ra is an online slot and therefore, a game of chance. Each time you spin the wheel, you’re pretty much submitting yourself to a chance outcome. That being said, Book of Ra does have a reasonably high return to player – around 94% – meaning you’ll always stand a fair shot at walking away with a healthy return if you’re committed to playing for the long haul that is. If you’re prepared to play for longer and have the available budget to do so, you’ll stand a better chance at landing more lucrative rewards and bonuses. Getting familiar with the paytable is the first tip for success – ensuring players know exactly what the prize payout for each combination and payline is. Not only will this make things easier when opting in for autoplay, but it’ll also save players the disappointment of thinking they’ve pocketed a jackpot-sized payout if they’re only half concentrating. The Book of Ra special symbol what players really need to be looking out for. This wild symbol will instantly transform to match any other on a payline, particularly useful if you’ve landed on a near-perfect run of matching symbols.

Book of Ra Online slot – plenty of free spins potential

If you’re looking to stretch your luck with free spins, Book of Ra is certainly an online slot you’ll enjoy playing and we have a few tips for that. Both the original version of the game and its Deluxe version offer free spins galore, meaning you’ve even more chances to win. Even with a modest starting budget, you can pocket an insane amount of extra spins if you’re lucky enough, meaning you part with less cash, but can still pocket big wins. Whenever you land three or more Book of Ra symbols on the reels, you’ll instantly be awarded ten free bonus spins. You can also pocket more free spins if you trigger the expanding reels feature. If you land on a further Book of Ra bonus symbol whilst playing your free spins, you’ll pocket even more bonus spins, as well as doubling any prize you’ve secured.

Can you manipulate the odds on Book of Ra?

Sadly, like all other online slots, there’s no legitimate way to manipulate the odds to work in your favour. One of the best tips to win and for success is patience, ensuring you spend enough time playing to land on the more lucrative symbols. You may have to spin dozens, if not hundreds of times before a powerhouse payline appears, but once it does, you’ll see your prize kitty soar.

Book of Ra – original version vs. deluxe

Although both the original version of the game and its Deluxe follow-up are pretty similar, the Deluxe version just about inches its predecessor out of the equation thanks to its lucrative free spin feature which means there are more cheats and tricks for it. Both versions of the game have free spins up for grabs, but only in the Deluxe version of the game can you trigger this feature indefinitely. The chances of doing so are slim, but the potential for regular re-triggers is there, meaning you can spin and spin without having to place a bet for some time. Trigger enough free spins, and land on enough lucrative paylines, and the potential to earn some serious money suddenly becomes a lot more likely. Away from the odds, the Deluxe version of the Book of Ra online slot also carries some minor tweaks and improvements to gameplay, slightly better graphics and refined audio for overall better game experience. If you are going to part with your cash, the Deluxe version is definitely the way to go. With both versions, the rate of return to player remains relatively similar.

Book of Ra – payout rates and return to player

Compared to other online slots out there, the return to player rate for Book of Ra is reasonably good. At just over 94%, even a short time spinning the reels usually yields some return to player, although if you are aiming high, it pays to commit a longer amount of time on the reels, and you’ll want to ensure you’ve got a sizeable budget in order to play for longer. As with all other online slots, the more you bet, the more chances you have of winning. Unlike some other online slots, however, the gamble feature at work with Book of Ra is pretty impressive. The gamble feature lets you stake your winnings on higher rates of return, meaning you can walk away with possible large sums of money on a single bet. Bear in mind, if you do opt for to use the gamble feature, you’ll be potentially putting your entire kitty at stake, so you use this wisely, and only if you’ve got the wagering budget to fall back on if things don’t turn out in your favour.

Tips and tricks for Book of Ra – summary

In short, playing the Book of Ra in different online casinos gives you pretty much the same odds as success as any other online slot, and there’s certainly no ways to twist the odds. According to our free-spins.net tips to win, your best chance for success is a good strategy, which should always focus on patience, hedging your bets and stretching your wager, and ensuring you never waste any bonuses you build up. Another good tip is that free spins can help you out massively, potentially doubling your winnings if you trigger successive runs of Book of Ra symbols on the paylines. If you’re lucky enough to be dealt a gamble, consider whether or not to use it wisely. If you can afford the risk, it’s a great way of chasing a jackpot win, but if you’re after a more secure return, continuing to play with smaller individual bets and waiting out for free spins is a much more sound strategy.

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